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Apple iPad Pro unboxing: Check out Apple’s latest tablet


Apple’s new iPad Pro has been available for a while now, and it arrived at our NextPit editorial office last week. Before we are able to tell you more about the latest Apple tablet, we will need to spend more time with it in an extensive review. While waiting, why not satiate your curiosity with a short unboxing video of the 11-inch mobile productivity device?

Another bonus item that can be viewed in the video: The all-new Apple Magic Keyboard in white. The iPad Pro (2021) is notable for its powerful proprietary M1 chip which also made its way into a MacBook for the very first time recently. There’s also an XDR display in the 12.9” model, which promises to deliver a higher degree of brightness and more natural colors. Unfortunately, we are unable to get hold of that model for a hands-on or a review for now.

M1 chip boasts of significantly higher performance and lower energy consumption

The M1 chip has a significantly higher performance than its predecessor, the A12 chipset. Just how much better is it? Apple claims that the M1 chip outperforms the A12 chipset by a whopping 50% – now that’s a lot! The graphical performance is said to have increased by 40%, too. This should allow real-time renderings of 3D models and effortless gaming in full 3D, which normally falls within the PC or console domains.

Energy consumption has not increased compared to its predecessor, and I will be able to elaborate on that further in the coming days. My experiences with the M1 chip in the MacBook are (very) promising – with a single battery charge, I am able to easily work with it for an entire day.

New cool feature: Center Stage for video calls

A new feature that I’m sure many will love is Center Stage. The 12-megapixel front camera follows you wherever you go during video calls. If you move during a video call, the camera follows you and keeps you centered.

What sounds like a nice gimmick at first is a really helpful feature in the initial review. Not only does it make video calls seem far more dynamic, but it also makes sure you remain in the picture during a presentation. More on that later in our NextPit review.

NextPit Apple iPad Pro 2021 display
Looks like the iPad 2020? That’s right. But it’s much faster and can do more: The iPad 2021 / © NextPit

5G, Thunderbolt, Wi-Fi 6 support, as well as USB 4.0: Significantly more performance for professional users

Make no mistake about it, the iPad Pro was specially designed for professional users. It offers both fast physical and wireless interfaces that do not miss a beat when it comes to performance and future-proofing.

Personally, when I’m on the road, I’ve been working exclusively on an iPad as my primary device for a few years now. With the iPad Pro 2021, the range of users should increase, including those who decide to make do without a laptop in the future. 

iPad Pro 2021 technical specifications

Feature Apple iPad Pro 2021 11″ Apple iPad Pro 2021 12.9″

Display Size

11 inches

12.9 inches


2338 x 1668 pixels (261 ppi)

2732 x 2048 pixels (265 ppi)

Display Technology




Apple M1 Chip

Apple M1 Chip

Number of cores

8 (CPU/GPU), 16 (Neural Engine)

8 (CPU/GPU), 16 (Neural Engine)


8 GB

8 GB

16 GB (1 TB model and above)

Rear camera

12 megapixels (wide-angle), 10 megapixels (ultra-wide-angle), LiDAR sensor

12 megapixels (wide-angle), 10 megapixels (ultra-wide-angle), LiDAR sensor




Front camera

12 megapixels (ultra-wide angle)

12 megapixels (ultra-wide angle)

Internal storage

128 GB or more

128 GB or more

Removable storage

Not available

Not available

Battery life

Up to 10 hours (WLAN),

up to 9 hours (4G/5G)

Up to 10 hours (WLAN)

up to 9 hours (4G/5G)


24.76 x 17.85 x 5.9 mm

28.06 x 21.49 x 6.4 mm


471 g

682 g

So, did you like the new iPad Pro?


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