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Are you experiencing this phenomenon with IBIS on your Canon EOS R5? | Canon Rumors


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When it comes to bugs with cameras and lenses, I tend to err on the side of caution posting about them. Most that are sent to me tend to be a user or environmental issue. This one, however, I can make happen on my own Canon EOS R5.

I’m not sure that this has had any real-world negative effect on my shooting, but we all shoot differently, and it could be a bigger deal for others.

Canon Rumors reader juanmaasecas sent me the above example of the issue with this explanation.

Some weeks ago I found what I think is an annoying bug with the IBIS in the Canon R5 (some users also experience it with the R6).

When the ibis is set to “always ON”, the sensor twists after the first picture is taken, producing a blurred picture. If you keep pressing the shutter half (while in continuous autofocus or just In single) and then take more pictures, the rest are just fine.

I went to Canon repair center/showcase here in Hong Kong, and the cameras there show the issue as well (that is why I didn’t leave my camera for repair), and yet canon has not yet repaired the issue (I discovered it first in firmware 1.2.0 that I bought the camera with, but still happens in 1.3.0 and 1.3.1).

If you do experience this issue, you can report it to your local Canon subsidiary.


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