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Battlegrounds Mobile India Data Transfer From PUBG Mobile Doesn’t Work With Google Play: How To Fix


Krafton has released the early access build of its much-anticipated Battlegrounds Mobile India. Surprisingly, many players were able to migrate data from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Krafton had previously claimed that players will be unable to migrate data from Tencent’s PUBG Mobile to the ‘new’ game. Though Google Play accounts seem to be left out.

While migrating game data to Battlegrounds Mobile India, players have noticed that they can use the migration feature only if their PUBG Mobile account is linked to their Facebook or Twitter account. Players who had linked their Google Play Games account to PUBG Mobile cannot transfer their data to Battlegrounds Mobile India as Google no longer supports sign-ins from embedded browsers. As pointed out by GemWire, the Battlegrounds Mobile India support team has confirmed that it is impossible to transfer data from PUBG Mobile accounts linked via Google.

Fortunately, there is a workaround to enable data migration for Google account users. Here’s how you can migrate data from PUBG Mobile account linked via Google Play Games:

  • Download and login to PUBG Mobile using a VPN
  • Link your PUBG Mobile account to your Facebook or Twitter account
  • After linking your Twitter or Facebook account, open Battlegrounds Mobile India’s data transfer portal and migrate data by logging in via the linked Facebook or Twitter account

Battlegrounds Mobile India looks pretty much the same as PUBG Mobile, with the exceptions being green blood and several health warnings. Krafton has recently shared that Battlegrounds Mobile India is set to launch soon.

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