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Best Tumble Dryers 2021: 4 of the best you can buy


A very clever way to keep your expensive clothes in the best shape


  • Cost-effective to run
  • Leaves clothes feeling refreshed
  • Hygienically cleans using steam
  • Quiet


  • Expensive
  • Limited space inside

Rather than being a tumble dryer, as such, the LG Styler is more a wardrobe for keeping your clothes in the best condition. Inside, there’s room for three hanging items, a shelf for an item and a single trouser press.

Rather than dealing with large amounts of items, then, the Styler is there to care for your more delicate items. Using steam, it can refresh clothes, such as suits and hard-to-clean items, so that you don’t have to take them to the dry cleaners as often.

It’s also an effective tumble dryer, taking care of more delicate items. Plus it has some clever modes, such as one for taking care of raincoats, so you don’t have wet items around.

With its smart Wi-Fi connection, you can download new programmes to the Styler, too.

It’s not for everyone, with its large size and high price, but if you have expensive clothes that you want to keep in the best condition, this is a great addition to any house.


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