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Canon to announce RF mount cinema lenses alongside the Cinema EOS C300S and Cinema EOS C500S | Canon Rumors


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Last month I reported that Canon would be bringing three new Cinema EOS cameras including the Cinema EOS C300S and Cinema EOS C500S that will shoot in 8K, as well as a new dynamic range monster in the Cinema EOS C700DR, which is rumored to have 20+ stops of dynamic range.

Secondly, back in March, I reported that Canon would launch a line of RF mount prime lenses, and I now know which focal lengths we should expect.

The new RF prime lenses will have the same character as the Sumire line of Cinema Prime lenses from Canon.

Canon RF Mount Cinema Prime Lenses

  • RF 14mm T/1.5
  • RF 18mm T/1.5
  • RF 24mm T/1.3
  • RF 35mm T/1.3
  • RF 50mm T/1.3
  • RF 85mm T/1.3
  • RF 100mm T/1.5
  • RF 135mm T/1.5

We are also going to see two RF mount compact zooms, and two larger zoom lenses announced at the same time.

The source notes, that due to the challenges still affecting lens manufacturing, the prime lens set for the RF mount may come as a development announcement.

The exact announcement date is not yet known, but with NAB 2021 taking place in October, that would seem like a logical time to bring all of this to market.


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