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Deity has finally released their BP-TRX wireless audio transceiver/recorder unit


It took a minute, but Deity has finally announced the release of their BP-TRX audio transceiver with a built-in recorder. Designed to fit seamlessly into the Deity Connect ecosystem, the BP-TRX can also work completely independently, on its own as a field recorder or as a pair to send audio wirelessly to your camera or another recording device.

As with many wireless audio systems these days, the Deity BP-TRX is a digital wireless system running on 2.4Ghz. And as well as audio, it can also be used for timecode to more easily sync up multiple cameras using either an external timecode generator or by creating a signal of its own. The BP-TRX can also transmit audio and record simultaneously (although not if you’re in the USA).

The Deity BP-TRX is targeted towards a wide range of users, from social media creators and YouTubers to corporate and wedding filmmakers who need long battery life and internal recording as a backup option when interference may strike a wireless signal. There are seven different modes in total, including TX+Rec, RX Mode, Master TX, IEM Mode, REC Mode, TC Box and Camera Hop, each offering its own set of menus as you switch between them.

It’s worth noting, though, that TX+Rec is only available on international models. BP-TRX units sold within the USA will disable audio transmission when you hit record. This is due to a patent issue that blocks this feature from being available within the USA. But for international users, this feature works as intended, completely unhindered.

The Deity BP-TRX features a built-in limiter to prevent your microphone from clipping, as well as a variable low-cut filter that goes up to 200Hz to minimise any rumble or low-frequency background noise in the environment. Audio files are recorded to WAV and metadata including timecode is embedded directly into the wave file. 1 hour of recording time utilises around 1GB of storage and it supports both ExFAT and FAT32 formatted microSD cards up to 128GB in capacity.

Inside the unit, there’s a 2,800mAh battery, providing over 12 hours of use – around 20% more than the Deity BP-TX and HD-TX transmitters. In record mode, that number goes up to over 21 hours. It also features a new antenna design that Deity says is 20% more efficient at transmitting than the Deity BP-TX.

It transmits, receives and records both mono and stereo audio, and you can pair up to four BP-TRX units in RX mode to a single unit in TX mode for syncing up multiple cameras together. And even if you’re using another device to record, you can take a feed out from that device into a BP-TRX to transmit that final to multiple cameras along with timecode – which is extremely handy for you multicam shooters.

As mentioned, the Deity BP-TRX fits in seamlessly with the rest of the Deity Connect kit, so if you’re looking for an easily expandable audio kit, this seems to fit the bill quite nicely, offering a range of devices for different uses that are all designed to talk with each other.

The Deity BP-TRX is available to pre-order now for $249, or you can get a pair as part of the Deity Connect Timecode Kit for $479 or the Deity Connect Deluxe Kit for $699, containing a pair of BP-TRX and a Duo-RX receiver in a nice hard case.


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