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Fujifilm teams up with Nintendo for a themed Instax printer for Nintendo Switch


Well, this is an odd one. Fujifilm has announced an unlikely collaboration with Nintendo. They’re releasing a Nintendo-themed Instax Mini Link app that works via your smartphone for the Nintendo Switch. It’s not designed for printing photographs, though… Well, it can, offering a bunch of frames from a range of Nintendo games, but it’s primarily intended to let users print out scenes and characters from their Nintendo Switch console.

While the printer itself is the bog-standard Fuji Instax Mini Link in a custom colour scheme, but there is also going to be a Pikachu-themed silicone case for it (available as part of a bundle with the printer, not available separately). But the most shocking thing about the collaboration, as Fuji Rumors points out, is that the smartphone app actually seems to work – unlike their camera app.

A selection of the themed frame overlays you can add to your photos.

Fuji says that both the app and printer will be released on April 30th. The Verge reports that the special edition Fuji Mini Link will cost $100 and the bundle containing the Pikachu case will arrive in May and cost $120. The app will be free to download and also connects to existing non-themed Mini Link printers. The only thing that’s different about the new ones is the colour scheme and that case.


As for the app… Well, it must’ve been written by Nintendo. It couldn’t possibly have been Fuji. At least, not entirely. Not if it works.

[The Verge via Fuji Rumors]


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