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Junji Ito’s Uzumaki Manga Looks Incredible As An Anime Series


We already knew that Junji Ito’s horror story Uzumaki was being turned into an animated series, but today we got our first good look at it, as well as word of a new release date.

In a lengthy video posted on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel, Ito had a little chat with viewers explaining how the adaptation has been going, and asking fans to please hold out and wait a little longer, with an original release date of 2021 now slipping into a more believable October 2022 timeframe.

It looks like it’ll be worth the wait though, because holy shit just look at this thing. It looks like the manga simply woke up one day, decided it had had enough of being printed on paper, and walked straight into some moving pictures.

The trailer itself starts at around 1:30 if the video below doesn’t automatically start at that point:

Though fans should obviously go back and watch the whole thing, since Ito takes some time to explain the challenges involved in making such a literal adaptation of his printed work.


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