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MIUI 11 runs on the iPhone


Apple is quite strict with its system and jailbreaking Apple’s system is a very hard nut to crack. For many hackers, penetrating Apple’s system is something they will do for “pride”. For what it’s worth, they will use it t showcase their hacking skills. Hackers have long discovered that using Android on the iPhone is in fact not a mere fantasy. A few days ago, based on the vulnerability of the checkm8 jailbreak tool, some developers successfully transplanted and run the MIUI 11 system on the iPhone. Regrettably, the specific operation is not demonstrated in the video. However, judging from the status bar, the phone has a signal.

MIUI 11 on iPhone

The Xiaomi MIUI 11 system officially hit the public on September 24, 2019. In October of that year, a stable OTA update was pushed to the first batch of 12 Xiaomi and Redmi models. Relative to MIUI 12, MIUI 11 has a good reputation. The new features at the time include a new dynamic font system, cool screen display, natural sound system, Mi Work work suite, and Mi Go travel suite.





Back to MIUI 11 on the iPhone, we are not certain that this system will be available for long. In fact, is most likely that many features of the iPhone and MIUI system will no work properly. However, the hacker’s point is that MIUI 11 ran successfully on an iPhone. Of course, this kind of system implant is more of a dazzling technique, because maintenance is extremely difficult. Simply put, the main use of this is of little significance.

MIUI 13 will bring back the “glory days” of MIUI 11

If we are to grade the MIUI 12 system, it has been a huge failure. In fact, Xiaomi will be trying to forget about the woes of this system. Unlike MIUI 11, MIUI 12 has a long list of never-ending bugs. However, Xiaomi’s new system, MIUI 13 should address these issues. The upcoming MIUI 13 has a huge responsibility because it will have to almost completely overhaul the existing MIUI 12 system. The speculations so far show that the MIUI 13 will focus on the “distributed menu”. It will come with more content options, including photo and video, health, smart home, battery and power, car, office and productivity, travel, multi-device interconnection, privacy protection, cloud services, basic tool services, etc. Furthermore, this system will support cross-screen collaboration and operation with computers, tablets, and TVs. Whether or not the MIUI 13 system will arrive with the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 remains to be seen.


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