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New Witcher Board Game Hits $3 Million On Kickstarter


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Image: The Witcher: Old World

Well would you look at this, a licensed board game shipping with 10,000 plastic miniatures is making millions on Kickstarter. This is my most surprised face.

The Witcher: Old World is a new game by Go On Board that’s set a few years before Geralt’s time, and has up to five players (one for each Witcher school) travelling a huge overworld taking on contracts, fighting monsters and sometimes fighting each other as well. There’s also a singleplayer or co-op expansion where you can all team up to fight the Wild Hunt as well.

There’s a strong deck-building element to the game, as you customise the cards that you then use to battle stuff, and being a modern licensed board game there’s an exquisite plastic miniature for pretty much everything in the game.

Old World is scheduled to ship in July 2022, and the cheapest bundle available is €70 (USD$85). At time of posting, it’s already raised $3.1 million.



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