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PES 2022 Free-to-Play Release Likely: Report


Konami is reportedly set to give this year’s FIFA some real competition by making PES 2022 free-to-play. The unconfirmed rumblings come from VGC’s Andry Robinson (via gfinity), who in a recent episode of “VGC Off The Record” podcast had the following to say about the game:

“Konami are flickering to life, and there’s also gonna be new stuff with PES this year, I hear. They’re gonna go properly free-to-play and really change it up this year. You’re starting to see stuff with the tech demo they put on PlayStation 5.”

You can check out the part of the video below, around 21 minutes in, where Robinson talks about what he had heard regarding Konami’s yearly football franchise.

For sports games there has been an outcry from many gamers over the years regarding the validity of their asking price. In a rather unorthodox method directly opposing EA’s stance on yearly FIFA games, Konami updated eFoorball PES 2020 last year with support for new rosters in 2021. While both annual sports franchises include a variety of gameplay improvements, the biggest change for the most part are the roster updates.

If PES 2022 does turn out to be free-to-play, then it’s possible that we might be looking at the end of annual entries for the franchise, instead supported by live-service updates. It’s also clear that the publisher is looking to make a big splash with PES 2022 by making the jump to Unreal Engine. You can play a demo of the game that was released on PlayStation 5 last month.

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