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Phanteks Eclipse P500A PC Case Review


The P500A, from every angle, looks sublime and is actually a relatively lightweight case (8KG) despite being of stellar quality. This is a common trend with Phanteks often nailing the aesthetics with their PC cases. The front panel is fitted with a full mesh panel and is easily removable with a small tug but isn’t so easy that you have to concern yourself when carrying it. The “ultra-fine” mesh is 1mm thick perforated metal and doubles up as a dust filter for the front intake fans. While this mesh may not be as effective as some of the fabric we are starting to see some manufacturers use, the airflow is excellent here and this is a massive plus for those that value performance.

eclipsep500a 3

The front of the P500A looks amazing and a lot of that is owed to the three included 140mm D-RGB fans. While it does look great, I found it odd that the fans are mounted on the inside of the case rather than externally as shown in all the images you will see for this online. When building, I decided to remove the fans and put them on the exterior of the bracket so that the lighting effects were not interrupted but I soon found out why it was configured this way – they don’t fit. Yea, strange one and one of the few negatives to the case but there simply isn’t room underneath that mesh to fit your fans, looks like a terrible oversight from Phanteks.

The Rear

The back of Phanteks cases always reveals a few lovely features that other manufacturers tend to leave out. On first appearances, everything looks fairly standard, we have seven horizontal expansion slots, with three vertical, just like the P600S, giving you a bit more choice with your GPU.

eclipsep500a 9

To the top, you will notice a strange metal plate that can be removed and this is for the dual system bracket. The dual system bracket can be purchased separately and while it is another feature, I’m not too sure many people who buy this case will really care about it but it is good to have options I guess. Just underneath, is space for a 120 or 140mm fan here with a bit of wiggle room to get the most optimal mount for your build.

Another great little feature with some of Phanteks’ cases is the included anti-sag bracket. This bracket is placed in the back panel and secured through the rear and actually works! The bracket makes a difference and you should definitely use it for extra support, especially if you plan on transporting your built system anywhere.

A few other things which are quite common with Phanteks case are the removable PSU mounting bracket for easy installation and the exposed side panel hinges. The hinges on the P500A are something I quite like, as the door can not only open 180 degrees but it can lift off entirely when needed.

The Side

The component side of your system features a full-length tempered glass panel that has also been framed with an opaque border. The border tidies up the overall looks of the interior and also hides the magnets and rubber seals. The rubber seals go around the entire edge of the TG panel to create an airflow seal, while also doubling up as a bit of sound dampening.

eclipsep500a 2

The back panel is one sheet of metal, nothing really to note here but both sides are tool-free and are extremely easy to add/remove. It would have been nice to see some sound-dampening material at the back but that would probably add extra cost and if you were after better acoustic performance then you would likely avoid an airflow case like this anyway.

The Top

The top of the case is very aesthetically pleasing, you can tell it’s a Phanteks case but the main issue is the dust filter. The filter is your standard budget-friendly type but, if I’m honest, I was expecting more from Phanteks here. The quality is poor and the material can easily crease, which catches the eye and can never be reversed.

eclipsep500a 17

The top of the case is where your I/O is located and you won’t be disappointed.

The I/O consists of:

  • Power Button
  • 2 x USB 3.0
  • 1 x USB C Gen2
  • 1 x Mic/Audio Jack
  • LED Mode Button
  • LED Color Button

eclipsep500a 13


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