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Poll of the Week: Which smartphone brands do you trust?


With its meteoric rise as (perhaps) the most used gadget ever discovered by humans, the modern smartphone has become an indispensable part of our lives. While its contribution to humanity can never be underrated, there are several harmful, less-pleasant aspects of the cellphone that have crept up their head(s) recently.

Today, in NextPit’s weekly poll, we want to know from you, our reader, why you bought the phone you bought. Did you buy it out of your sheer trust for the brand? If yes, which brands do you trust the most? How trustworthy are Chinese smartphones? 

More importantly, do brands even matter anymore? The point being this; even if you own a smartphone from a ‘trusted’ brand, your data is for all to see when you install an app, browse the web, purchase something online, or even play something innocuous as a game. This is irrespective of whether the phone manufacturer itself is tracking your data. This was lucidly pointed out by Fabi in his recent article, which is a must-read.

But more than that, we also want to get from you an overview of how you see this entire debate around privacy that seems to be all the buzzword these days.

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Without further delay, let’s get down to the questions.

Which smartphone brand do you trust?

It is always great to have choice. And as of 2021, you have the luxury of choosing between multiple smartphone brands. Some have been in the industry for decades, while others are relatively new players that have managed to carve a nice for themselves within a very short timespan. 

But which of these brands do you trust the most? (Goodbye LG!)

The reason for your trust may not just be privacy-centric. Perhaps you like their after-sales service or their commitment and adherence to regular software updates.

Let us know!

Are you wary of buying Chinese smartphones?

There is no denying that the smartphone world is currently seeing an invasion of Chinese made phones. While smartphone brands from China have had a dubious record as far as data privacy is concerned, most Tier-1 manufacturers, including the likes of Oppo, Xiaomi, and even Huawei, have claimed that they take the data and privacy of their users very seriously. 

But has all the PR efforts paid off? Are Chinese brands still seen as “less trustworthy’ than their European/Japanese/Taiwanese/American competitors?

Vote away and let us know!

Privacy: Is it just your responsibility?

With Apple spearheading efforts to make its end users, people like you and me aware of the kind of data that ad tech firms and data brokers have access to, do you think going forward, we will see a change in the way this massive $227 billion industry is kept in check?

Or do you think the onus entirely lies with us, end-user? After all, sharing our data is something that we do by choice – even though we might have been too busy reading the fine print of the terms and conditions page when we scroll past the setup screen.

We know that data privacy is a wide topic that has many aspects and dimensions.  And given the fact that even governments have been blamed for snooping on their own citizens for “security concerns”, this is a debate that is likely to continue for the next few decades. 

Don’t forget to check back the results of this poll on Monday. And in the meantime, do let us know what you think of this topic in the comments section below!


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