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Profoto Camera: the professional smartphone camera that works with their flashes | Canon Rumors


The Profoto Camera stands on three pillars of innovation that together deliver a flawless user experience. Profoto’s AirX technology, the world’s first solution to enable a seamless integration of professional flash and smartphones. Profoto RAW, enabling files with 5–8 times more information than JPEG, leading to higher quality, significantly more details, and greater editing possibilities. And finally, the two modes: Classic mode allows you to either manually adjust exposure and flash settings or to use AirX Smart-TTL, the new automatic exposure algorithm. Smart mode lets you choose between a set of smart contrast and warmth effects with the swipe of a finger, enabling seamless integration with the use of flash to capture professional images instantly.

Pierre Edouard Saillard BTS Profoto Camera 728x546 - Profoto Camera: the professional smartphone camera that works with their flashes

“I always have my iPhone with me, and now with the Profoto Camera, I can shoot everywhere with the same gear I use in my studio. The Profoto Camera is really intuitive and easy to use and having the option to have full manual control with my iPhone and Profoto lights is perfect for creating professional photos anywhere, at any time.” says photographer Pierre-Edouard Saillard.

At Profoto, light is at the heart of every innovation and a pioneer in the professional flash segment, Profoto considers the freedom of connectivity to be the next big step for professional photography. With the new Profoto Camera app, Profoto reaches a major milestone in setting photographers free to choose their capturing device – whether it is a smartphone, DSLR, or mirrorless camera – without sacrificing the ability to shape light.

profotocamerascreenshots 728x342 - Profoto Camera: the professional smartphone camera that works with their flashes

“Although modern smartphones will continue to make technological advancements, improved computational power or better optics will never replicate the key to every image, the light. This is why we created this new Profoto Camera app, that seamlessly integrates smartphones and professional flash. From now on, professional photographers can shoot with any capturing device without missing out on the full power of flash.” says Anders Hedebark, Profoto’s CEO.

The Profoto Camera app is out now in App Store and Google Play Store.


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