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Qumulo Studio Q on AWS Announced – Run Premiere Pro in the Cloud


Qumulo Studio Q on AWS Announced – Run Premiere Pro in the Cloud

Remote work. Not necessarily a brand new concept, but as many of us have been forced to do due to the ongoing pandemic, it’s noticeable that working remotely in the media industry can be a bit of a challenge. That’s why Qumulo has partnered with AWS (Amazon Web Services) to streamline online collaboration without compromising on computing power.

Dealing with 4K (and beyond) video puts quite a strain on the computer in question, and not everyone has a full-fledged editing suite at home. So how can you handle remote work when dealing with such demanding content?

Qumulo Studio Q
image credit: Qumulo

Qumulo has announced a potential solution to this problem: Studio Q on AWS. This way, you can harness the vast computing power of Amazon’s servers and still work from home with nothing but your laptop.

Qumulo Studio Q on AWS

To make it work, Qumulo has tied together four technologies here that make up the Studio Q post-production platform: Adobe (Premiere Pro and After Effects), AWS, Qumulo and Teradici (PCoIP protocol). Combined, these four pillars allow users to harness the power of cloud computing without having to keep a server farm in the closet at home.

Qumulo has partnered with AWS to offer Studio Q Quick Start, a CloudFormation template (CFT) that gets Studio Q up and running in less than an hour. Once everything is in place, you can control Premiere Pro (or After Effects) remotely from your laptop, but with the GPU power of a proper workstation.

And with everything running in the cloud, collaboration becomes a breeze, too. Users can collaborate with colleagues around the globe via a virtual desktop and share video assets using shared media.

Adobe Premiere Pro in the cloud

That’s all well and good, but of course all that glitters is not gold. You still need a decent Internet connection to access the remote desktop with reasonable quality. And at some point, you or a member of your team will need to upload the original media assets to the cloud.

Qumulo Studio Q
full tech stack of Qumulo Studio Q on AWS. Image credit: Qumulo

Qumulo has put together a simple 1-2-3 of how all this works (from the press release):

  • Store: Effortless high-performance connectivity for all, across Windows, Mac and Linux with multi-protocol support. Dynamic scalability to support petabyte levels of growing video and editorial content and new projects, with built-in security and data protection. 
  • Manage: the Studio Q Quick Start provides a preconfigured editorial environment for immediate use. Qumulo’s high-performance, intelligent file data platform meets the rigorous demands of mezzanine editorial workflows. Enable creative, news, promotional, and long form content editors using 2K and 4K to do their work seamlessly from anywhere.
  • Create: Your creative team is doing remote video editing in the cloud with Adobe Premiere Pro using Studio Q on AWS. 

Of course, to run Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects, you’ll need a valid license, which you’ll have to get yourself. Everything else comes from Qumulo. In regards to AWS, you can use your existing account or Qumulo will guide you through the process with the help of their Studio Q Quick Start template.

Link: Qumulo Website

What do you think? Is working remotely a thing in your day-to-day business? Share your experiences below in the comments!


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