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Renders and One UI reveal huge improvements


Unlike any Samsung wearable in recent memory, there’s a huge amount of hype brewing for the Galaxy Watch 4 as it seems set to usher in a new era of smartwatches that could finally take the Apple Watch to task. Here’s everything you need to know.

If you caught the Google I/O livestream that occurred earlier in the year, then you’ll know that the expectations for the Galaxy Watch 4 skyrocketed once it was announced that Samsung’s next wearable would be the first to use a new Tizen and Wear OS replacement that’s been developed in conjunction with Google.

While there’s still so much that we don’t know about the full potential of this new operating software, the information that we do have seems to point in all the right directions, meaning that the Galaxy Watch 4 has the potential to be one of the most exciting wearables of 2021. If you want to be clued in ahead of the smartwatch’s launch, then keep reading on.

What’s a product launch without a few renders ahead of time to whet everyone’s appetite? The Galaxy Watch 4 is no exception in this regard, as one Steve H.McFly has treated us to our first supposed glimpse of the device.

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, the Watch 4 renders show a far sleeker design that adheres to a more minimalist aesthetic. The whole thing looks like an homage to the iPhone 12, with its sharp edges and unified chassis.

It’s also worth noting that the chassis appears to cut into the watch strap, meaning that the Galaxy Watch 4 could require a proprietary watch straps sold directly via Samsung.

After a good amount of speculation, Samsung finally announced the existence of One UI at MWC 2021 – the new operating system that will debut on the Galaxy Watch 4. Made in partnership with Google, One UI will move over to using the Google Play Store as opposed to the Galaxy Store for downloading watch apps – giving users a wider variety of choice thanks to the larger Wear OS app library.

While details on specs are still a mystery, Samsung has touted some of the benefits that One UI will bring to the table. Most notably, apps will now load up to 30% faster than before, and if an Android app you’ve downloaded to your phone also has a One UI counterpart, then that will be automatically downloaded to your watch as well.

By condensing the size of the internal cores, the Galaxy Watch 4 will feature a better optimised battery, one will allow for continuous heart rate monitoring throughout the day. This is a huge improvement as it’ll provide users with more accurate health and heart rate data.

One UI will also open up the ability for developers to easily make their own watch faces, which should allow for increased collaboration with fashion brands and more options for users.

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Samsung Galaxy One UI Watch

There may be some internal changes though, with rumours the device will run on a brand new 5nm processor, which would replace the current Exynos 9110 (10 nm) chip within the Galaxy Watch 3. The current watch offers 8GB of storage for apps and music, while there’s 1GB of RAM. It’s possible, but perhaps not likely that’ll be boosted.

Despite rumours to the contrary, Samsung decided to skip over any hardware reveals during MWC, leaving the occasion to fall upon the next Samsung Unpacked event. Once an official date for the next Unpacked event is announced, this section will be updated, but in the meantime you can likely expect the livestream to occur in either late July or August.

This is a premium smartwatch, designed to accompany a flagship smartphone. Its launch price was £399, which is about in line with the Apple Watch Series 6, albeit there are countless configurations for that model.


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