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Resident Evil Village puppets return with a brand new gala of gore


Ah, Moreau, will you ever win?

Today sees the launch of Capcom’s fantastic horror-adventure, Resident Evil Village. Far more important, however, is the premiere of the second episode of the wonderful “Let’s Play in Bio Village“, the adorably grim puppet show starring the sequel’s rogues’ gallery.

Episode two sees Heisenberg hard at work on some kind of contraption, that appears to have been designed for the sole purpose of turning man into mush. Moreau, kind soul that he is, wants to help Heisenberg out, with predictably gooey results. Having survived his slice ‘n’ dice escapades, and now wearing his internal organs on the outside, Moreau returns to the gang, but the death and destruction isn’t quite over…

…Ah, Moreau, will you ever win?

Sadly there are no new songs in this episode, and we still do not have English subtitles, but the delightful photography, cute sets, and polished production are all in full effect. These are truly delightful videos, and I hope we see more from Big Sister Dimitrescu and the gang in the coming weeks and months. Angie and her constant “BLEEEEHH!” nature crack me up every single time. These characters are now my best and only friends.

Resident Evil Village launches today on PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms.




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