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SHAPE Pivoting Mounting Plate and 4K-12G SDI Cable Released


SHAPE Pivoting Mounting Plate and 4K-12G SDI Cable Released

Canadian manufacturer SHAPE just released a new pivoting mounting plate that allows you to mount various accessories to your camera, like a wireless microphone receiver or a SSD drive. You can tilt the bracket up and down, so it doesn’t obstruct any control button of your camera. Also, the company launched a very thin 24″/61cm 12G SDI BNC to BNC connector cable. Let’s take a closer look at them!

Wireless video transmitters, wireless audio transmitters, microphones, SSD drives, you name it, as filmmakers, we often have to rig many accessories to our cameras to get up and running. Also, some accessories are bigger than others, and you can end up having a hard time mounting all these accessories to your cage. And now here comes the SHAPE pivoting mounting plate – or PVPM as they call it – that could be a nice addition to your toolkit!

SHAPE Pivoting Mounting Plate

The SHAPE pivoting mounting plate is quite a simple piece of hardware, entirely made out of aluminum, not over-engineered, but that can solve many issues you might have.

Image credit: SHAPE

The PVPM consists of two parts: a bracket, that attaches to your camera or top handle and a pivoting plate, where you can mount a camera accessory of your choice.

Image credit: SHAPE

Let’s start with the bracket that attaches to your camera/top handle/cage. It comes with a 1/4-20″ mounting screw, a 3/8-16″ to 1/4-20″ insert, and it has ARRI-style locating pins. In short, you’ll be able to mount it nearly everywhere on your camera rig, and you can slightly adjust it back and forth.

Next is the pivoting plate that features multiple 1/4-20″ mounting points in front of the plate but also at the top/bottom. The pivoting plate also has a deep rubber padded plate, an anti-slip hook, and a loop buckle strap to securely attach a wireless audio receiver to it. Of course, you can mount any kind of camera accessory to the SHAPE pivoting mounting plate.

Image credit: SHAPE

Once the SHAPE pivoting mounting plate is mounted to your camera securely, you can pivot the bracket with your accessory up and down, so it doesn’t obstruct any control button of your camera. That’s clever, simple, and effective!

Image credit: SHAPE

SHAPE 24″ 4K-12G SDI coaxial cable

SHAPE also released a new 24″/61cm 4K-12G SDI coaxial cable. The cable is very thin, with a diameter of only 4mm. On both ends, you’ll find a 90-degree male BNC connector.

As a quick reminder, 12G SDI cables can handle a maximum resolution of 4K60p. According to SHAPE, their cable is designed to “record/transfer video signals of both serial data and 12G 4K ProRes RAW.”

Price and availability

Both products are available for preorder and should start shipping soon. The SHAPE pivoting mounting plate is $87.17/€92.00. The SHAPE 24″ 4K-12G SDI coaxial cable is $69.52/€73.41.

For more information, please visit SHAPE’s website here.

What do you think about this pivoting mounting plate? How do you mount camera accessories to your rig? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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