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The Stanley Parable, Tacoma, and Minecraft alum join forces for new studio Ivy Road


Annapurna Interactive’s showcase today brought news of both familiar and new projects from teams working with the publisher, including the announcement of a new studio working on its first project with Annapurna Interactive’s backing.

That new outfit, Ivy Road, is an independent game development studio set up by The Stanley Parable creator Davey Wreden, Tacoma and Gone Home co-creator Karla Zimonja, and early Minecraft composer Daniel “C418” Rosenfeld.

The founding trio is joined by Andrew Nguyen, Aura Triolo, Temitope Olujobi, Lucy Lauzon, Hanna Kime, Brad Taylor, Nathalie Fourdraine, and Patrick McDermott. With its team assembled, Ivy Road is taking aim at its first game but has yet to say much at all about what the project will look like.

“We’re both super excited about Ivy Road, and about the thing that we are working on together that we can’t talk about,” said Wreden during today’s announcement video with Zimonja and Rosenfeld. Just a bit more information about the team (and, someday, about that mysterious project) can be found on the Ivy Road website.


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