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Ultimate Showdown DLC takes the roster back to the blocks


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It might not have quite hit the ring yet, but Sega has already announced a day-one DLC pack for its upcoming Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown. The aesthetic-only add-on sees Akira and pals return to their awesome, and strangely unnerving, polygonal roots.

The “Legendary Pack”, which will launch alongside Ultimate Showdown on June 1, with add alternate skins for every character on the roster, replicating the classic “Virtua” look that took the arcade scene by storm back in 1993. While this turns back the clock for classic characters such as Pai, Wolf, and Sarah, it’s going to be great to retroactively see latter-day fighters such as Vanessa, El Blaze, and Eileen recreated in all their beautiful boxy glory.

In addition the to the retro skins, the Legendary pack will also include a “Classic” U.I. look, which replaces health bars and on-screen prompts with those of the original release. The Legendary pack will retail for around $10. It bears repeating that Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown will also be part of June’s PlayStation Plus offerings.

It also appears that Ultimate Showdown will be receiving an arcade release in Japan on June 6, with Sega going all-in with its hopes to reignite the classic fighter’s competitive scene. Sega is currently holding a Japanese live stream ahead of the game’s launch, so we’ll keep you updated with any further information.




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