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We’re live on Twitch tonight to rise the ranks in MTG: Arena – Destructoid


Ladder woes

With only a week left of this MTG: Arena season, it’s time to rocket through the ranks from Diamond into Mythic. I’m typically not playing too much ranked these days, but with the release of standard 2022, I found myself picking it back up due to the shift in legal sets. There’s been a lot of control decks coming to life so the ladder feels extra tedious for me. I’ve made good progress with aggro to counter all the control however, particularly in monowhite/angels, so I’m hoping it’ll be enough for the final stretch.

Depending on that experience, tonight will also include some beloved puzzle segments or Majora’s Mask’s water temple — chat’s choice!

I hope to see you there for all the big brain strategy plays and to hear all about how your week has been!

Drop by Destructoid’s Twitch channel every Friday starting at 9:00 p.m. Eastern to join us.

Miss last week’s Twitch stream? Catch the latest video-on-demand archive.


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