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World Best Low Light Lens Ziess 50mm F0.7 Will go up for Auction « NEW CAMERA


By admin, on June 8th, 2021


World Best Low Light Lens Ziess 50mm F0.7 lens designed for NASA’s Apollo Moon Missions Will go up for Auction. In 1966 Zeiss made only 10 Zeiss Planar 50mm f/0.7 lenses, NASA purchased 6 units of F 0.7 Lenses. No other Camera or Lens maker was ever able to reach F0.7 aperture in their prime lenses.

Zeiss 50mm F0.7 Lens Sample Video (Barry Lyndon 1975)

6 lenses were bought by NASA, Kubrick bought three (some say two)  and Zeiss kept the last one. The lens also become famous for having been used by Stanley Kubrick to film some scenes in BarrY Lyndon with it.

Limited body movements were possibly a part of the shoot to keep the subject in focus while using the F0.7 aperture.

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